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Description: Whitakers 2016 cover
The main primary sources of energy in Britain are coal, oil, natural gas, renewables and nuclear power.
Print publication date: Sep, 2019
Word count: 5,046
 Until the 1960s Britain imported almost all its oil supplies. In 1969 oil was discovered in the Arbroath field in the North Sea. The first...
Subjects: Oil
Word count: 317
Mines were in private ownership until 1947 when they were nationalised and came under the management of the National Coal Board, later the British...
Word count: 719
From the late 18th century gas in Britain was produced from coal. In the 1960s town gas began to be produced from oil-based feedstocks using imported...
Word count: 770
The first power station in Britain generating electricity for public supply began operating in 1882. In the 1930s a national transmission grid was...
Word count: 946
With the gas and electricity markets open, most suppliers offer their customers both services. The majority of gas/electricity companies have become...
Word count: 409
The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) regulates the gas and electricity industries in Great Britain.
Word count: 152
Nuclear reactors began to supply electricity to the national grid in 1956. There are presently 15 reactors at eight sites which supply approximately...
Word count: 769
Progress was made towards the UK's target of consuming 15 per cent of energy from renewable sources by 2020, introduced in the 2009 EU Renewable...
Word count: 590