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Whitakers 2016 cover
These notes outline certain aspects of the law as they might affect the average person.
Print publication date: Nov, 2018
Word count: 31,520
Legal Notes
Abortion is governed by the Abortion Act 1967. Under its provisions, a legally induced abortion must be...
Word count: 349
Legal Notes
The Adoption and Children Act 2002 reformed the framework for domestic and intercountry adoption in England and Wales and some parts of it extend to...
Word count: 860
Legal Notes
It is the duty of the parents of a child born in England or Wales to register the birth within 42 days of the date of birth at the register office...
Word count: 875
Legal Notes
Certificates of births, marriages and deaths that have taken place in England and Wales since 1837 can be obtained from the General Register Office...
Word count: 659
Legal Notes
There are different types of British nationality status.
Word count: 1,443
Legal Notes
The law in this area is enacted to protect buyers who deal as ‘consumers’...
Word count: 2,031
Legal Notes
Until 1947, proceedings against the Crown were generally possible only by a procedure known as a petition of right, which put the private litigant...
Word count: 325
Legal Notes
If the death (including stillbirth) was expected, the doctor who attended the deceased during their final illness should be contacted.
Word count: 1,664
Legal Notes
Divorce is the legal process which ends a marriage.
Word count: 3,891
Legal Notes
A fundamental distinction in UK employment law is that drawn between an employee and someone who is self-employed.
Word count: 3,514
Legal Notes
On 2 October 2000 the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force in the UK.
Word count: 437
Legal Notes
The Children Act 1989 (as amended by the Children and Families Act 2014) gives both the mother and father parental responsibility for the child if...
Word count: 853
Legal Notes
In England and Wales, the law concerning juries is largely consolidated in the Juries Act 1974 (as amended by the Criminal Justice and Courts Act...
Word count: 1,760
Legal Notes
The provisions outlined here apply only where the tenant lives in a separate dwelling from the landlord and where the dwelling is the tenant's only...
Word count: 2,289
Legal Notes
The Access to Justice Act 1999 transformed what used to be known as the Legal Aid system.
Word count: 2,056
Legal Notes
Any two persons may marry provided that...
Word count: 3,172
Legal Notes
There are a number of acts governing the development of land and buildings in England and Wales and advice should always be sought from Citizens...
Word count: 700
Legal Notes
Those entitled to vote at parliamentary and local government elections are those who, at the date of taking the poll, are...
Word count: 902
Legal Notes
A will is used to appoint executors (who will administer the estate), give directions as to the disposal of the body, appoint guardians for children...
Word count: 3,503