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Description: Whitakers 2016 cover
The national flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Flag, generally known as the Union Jack.
Print publication date: Dec, 2019
Word count: 1,075
The National Flag
 The correct orientation of the Union Flag when flying is with the broader diagonal band of white uppermost in the hoist (ie near the pole) and...
Word count: 224
The National Flag
 Flags are flown at half-mast (ie two-thirds up between the top and bottom of the flagstaff) on the following occasions...
Word count: 139
The National Flag
 On 25 March 2008 the DCMS announced that UK government departments in England, Scotland and Wales may fly the Union Flag on their buildings...
Word count: 328
The National Flag
 The Royal Standard comprises four quarterings – two for England (three lions passant), one for Scotland (a lion rampant) and one for...
Word count: 170