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Whitakers 2016 cover
The UK constitution is not contained in any single document but has evolved over time, formed by statute, common law and convention.
Print publication date: Feb, 2019
Word count: 19,933
 The sovereign personifies the state and is, in law, an integral part of the legislature, head of the executive, head of the judiciary,...
Word count: 563
 The sovereign in council, or Privy Council, was the chief source of executive power until the system of cabinet government developed.
Word count: 442
 Parliament is the supreme law-making authority and can legislate for the UK as a whole or for any parts of it separately (the Channel Islands...
Word count: 5,434
The following is a short glossary of aspects of the work of parliament.
Word count: 2,207
 The government is the body of ministers responsible for the administration of national affairs, determining policy and introducing into...
Word count: 582
 Before the reign of William and Mary, the principal officers of state were chosen by and were responsible to the sovereign alone, and not to...
Word count: 2,201
List of MPs 
Subjects: MPs
Word count: 8,307