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Whitaker's Almanack 1869

Description: Whitaker's Almanack 1869
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The Almanack is essentially a Household Book. From it is derived the knowledge ordinarily possessed of the Course of the Seasons, and other Astronomical phenomena, the nature of our Constitution, and the statistics of our Ecclesiastical, Legal, Naval, and Military systems. In addition to all such information, herein given in an unusually full and complete manner, the reader will discover other and important features not hitherto easily obtainable. He is referred, for instance, to the summaries of the Public Income and Expenditure, the proceedings of Parliaments during the last Session; to Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of the Year; to the Trade, Commerce, and Finance of the Kingdom; and to the particulars of our Municipal and Social Institutions...a clear and concise account of India, Australia, Canada and other possessions, together with a similar description of Foreign Countries' (December 10, 1868)
So wrote Joseph Whitaker in the introduction to his very first edition of Whitaker's Almanack, published in 1868. One hundred and forty eight years later Whitaker's is still published annually and its remit has remained remarkably unchanged. This new facsimile edition of the very first Whitaker’s Almanack includes:
Ecclesiastical, legal, naval, and military statistics
Summaries of public income, expenditure and the proceedings of Parliament
Scientific discoveries and inventions of the year
A guide to the possessions of the British Empire and foreign countries
A selection of amazing advertisements reproduced in their original form
Price £19.99
Extent 384
ISBN 978-1-4729-0708-0
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Whitaker's Almanack 1869: £19.99