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1. How do you compile Whitaker’s Almanack?
Our small in-house team works to research and update the Almanack throughout the year, so that it contains the most current and reliable information available. And we pride ourselves on using only the most authoritative sources. We contact government departments and organisations directly so you can be sure that the book is a trustworthy source of information, unlike many websites. We also commission writers with years of expertise to contribute some of the highly specialised sections of the book.
2. What’s in the Almanack that I can’t find elsewhere?
Inside Whitaker’s there’s always something to surprise and intrigue you. Some of the information is exceedingly tricky to find elsewhere, so the Almanack will save you hours of time trawling through a variety of different sources. Not only will you find extensive coverage of peerage, precedence and the royal family, but you will also find information about all the UK’s core institutions and infrastructure. The extensive Countries of the World section is also exceptional – each country of the world is listed with a full profile encompassing history, politics, defence, economy, trade, education, health and communications.
3. How can I get my organisation included in the Almanack?
Although we aim to include a wide range of institutes and organisations, we can’t guarantee to list them all as space in the Almanack is at a premium. If you would like to put forward your organisation for consideration please write to us at either or Whitaker’s Almanack, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP.
4. Is it free to be listed in Whitaker’s Almanack?
Yes, it is completely free of charge. We never charge for listings.
5. How can I enter the £500 prize quiz?
The 2018 Quiz IS NOW CLOSED. A list of prize winners and correct answers is available here.
The £500 quiz entry form is enclosed annually in all copies of Whitaker's print edition and will also be available here from 15 November 2018 when Whitaker's 2019 is published. The quiz offers readers the chance to win £500 or one of ten copies of the forthcoming edition of Whitaker's on publication in November the following year. Access to a print copy of Whitaker's is required in order to complete the quiz.
6. When is the new edition published – and how can I buy a copy?
The new 151st edition, Whitaker's 2019, is published on 15 November 2018 and is available to pre-order now! Priced at £95.00 you can pre-order a copy with a 10% discount here
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