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Whitakers 2016 cover
Astronomical data for the year 2017.
Print publication date: Feb, 2016
Word count: 21,874
Astronomy 2017
British Summer Time is the legal time for general purposes...
Word count: 96
Astronomy 2017
The seasons are defined astronomically as follows:
Word count: 320
Astronomy 2017
If you were located at any particular place on Earth, you could witness, on average, a total solar eclipse (TSE) once every 360 years.
Word count: 534
Astronomy 2017
During 2017 there will be four eclipses, two of the Sun and two of the Moon.
Word count: 196
Astronomy 2017
The length of a sidereal day in mean time is 23h 56m 04s.09.
Word count: 518
Astronomy 2017
The refraction table is in the form of a critical table...
Subjects: mean refraction
Word count: 129
Astronomy 2017
Explanation of the astronomical data and glossary of terms for the monthly data tables.
Word count: 1,566
Astronomy 2017
JanuaryJanuary 2017February
Astronomical data for January.
Word count: 1,427
Astronomy 2017
FebruaryFebruary 2017March
Astronomical data for February.
Word count: 1,349
Astronomy 2017
MarchMarch 2017April
Astronomical data for March.
Word count: 1,513
Astronomy 2017
AprilApril 2017May
Astronomical data for April.
Word count: 1,367
Astronomy 2017
MayMay 2017June
Astronomical data for May.
Word count: 1,389
Astronomy 2017
JuneJune 2017July
Astronomical data for June.
Word count: 1,300
Astronomy 2017
JulyJuly 2017August
Astronomical data for July
Word count: 1,419
Astronomy 2017
AugustAugust 2017September
Astronomical data for August.
Word count: 1,423
Astronomy 2017
SeptemberSeptember 2017October
Astronomical data for September
Word count: 1,324
Astronomy 2017
OctoberOctober 2017November
Astronomical data for October.
Word count: 1,413
Astronomy 2017
NovemberNovember 2017December
Astronomical data for November
Word count: 1,339
Astronomy 2017
DecemberDecember 2017January
Astronomical data for December
Word count: 3,219